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Campaigning in Kendal for fairer funding for Cumbria Constabulary

I've signed up to the ethical checklist as ‪#‎LibDemPCC candidate for Cumbria‪#‎LoraineBirchall4PCC ‪#‎YourPcc ‪#‎CPSL
In addition to this, I've promised to publish details of my expenses (no chaufeur driven cars for me) and ensure recruitment to the OPCC is transparent and based on merit.…/committee-calls-on-pcc-candidates-to-s…


Newly-selected Lib Dem Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Cumbria, Loraine Birchall (seen here with her team) launched her campaign in South Lakeland recently. She was talking with local residents and collecting signatures for a petition in favour of a fair police funding formula for rural areas.

Changes to the police funding formula are expected to be brought back later this year, having initially been postponed following a number of high profile errors in the government’s figures in November 2015.

Loraine commented:

“When the government tried to introduce funding formula changes last year, they were going to significantly reduce the amount of funding available for policing large rural areas.

Thankfully these changes were not implemented, but they would have had a severe effect on our ability to keep Cumbria safe. However, these changes are still on the cards. I will be campaigning to ensure that rural areas like Cumbria are given a fair deal.”

Being a PCC isn't a political post, it's about the right person for the job

As a Liberal Democrat, I believe firmly that all power must be held accountable.   Although I don’t think that the system of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) is the best way to do this, it is necessary to try to hold the authorities accountable with the system that is in place. Although in the post I would act in an independent manner, I am standing for election as a Liberal Democrat. I've been a Lib Dem member and campaigner for years and I think it would be unethical to pretend to be anything else     ..... read more here